A veteran serving the emperor wishes to visit Takechijima and arrives at the place where Takeyoshima can be seen on the lake of Lake Biwa. I usually ask for a luggage because old boat fisherman and small boat carrying woman go. Eventually the boat will arrive at Takechijima and the old man will guide the vassals to the shrine. A woman praised the virtue of Benzaiten, praising the virtue of Benzaiten, revealing that he is not a man, the women of the case to the shrine, the old man disappearing in the lake I will excuse you. After a while the shrine rings and the Benzaiten appears and the dance of the maiden dances. When the moon clears over the lake, the Ryujin emerges, dedicating the gold and silver gems to the vassals, sentient beings again, representing the oath of national land protection, the Benzaiten disappears in the Goten, the Ryujin disappears in the Ryugu at the bottom of the lake.